“The Art of the Game” Mar Vista Art Walk from 6-10 pm tonight!


Thursday, June 1st, from 6-10P.

Parents! cancel the babysitter and drop off your child at 

Light on Lotus who is offering FREE kids Yoga 6pm till 7.30.












More About the Mar Vista Art Walk:
The first Mar Vista ArtWalk was held in December 2015, when the environmental non-profit Green Communications Initiative and local artists came together to encourage community members to stroll their sidewalks and explore their neighborhood “Main Street.”

Now over a year later the ArtWalk continues to bring lovers of all the arts together to support one another and the community. Our mission is to grow, learn, and improve the strength of our community of neighbors, artists, galleries, and small businesses.

This free quarterly event transpires the first Thursday of March, June, September and December from 6-10 p.m. The ArtWalk is organized in 3 clusters along the 1-mile stretch of Venice Bl. Between Inglewood Bl – Beethoven St.

The Mar Vista Art Walk is a joint effort of environmental nonprofit Green Communications Initiative (GCI) founded by Lenore French and the community of local artists curated by Mitchelito Orquiola, with the enthusiastic support of these partners and sponsors.




Full Circle Pottery – 12023 Venice Bl.
Atmosphere Café – 12034 Venice Bl.
Celeste’s Tailoring – 12028 Venice Blvd.
Lighthouse Stained Glass – 12102 Venice Blvd.
The VCA Venice Blvd. Animal Hospital – 12108 Venice Blvd.
Louie’s of Mar Vista – 3817 Grand View Blvd.
Status Kuo – 3809 Grand View Blvd. Light On Lotus – 3807 Grand View Blvd.
Timewarp Records – 12204 Venice Bl.
Grand View Market – 12210 Venice Bl.
Vintage on Venice – 12218 Venice Bl. LA Brakeless – 12220 Venice Bl.
Venice Grind – 12224 Venice Bl. Soaptopia – 12228Venice Bl.
CAMP on the Ranch – 12240 Venice Bl.
School of Rock – 12300 Venice Bl.
A Kid’s Place (Preschool) – 12306 Venice Bl.
Coffee Connection/Vineyard Fellowship – 3838 S. Centinela Ave.


Mar Vista Art Department – 12513 Venice Bl.
826LA/Time Travel Mart – 12515 Venice Bl.
NEW!!! The Mar Vista Murals – 5 new walls Venice Blvd. near Boise and Wasatch. Also 1 new wall at Grand View Blvd and Pacific.
Peach Tree Pottery Studios – 3715 Boise St.
Jeff Ho/Zephyr Studios – 3719 Boise St
Promenade Eco Car Wash- 12571 Venice Bl.
C. Nichols Project – 12613 1/2 Venice Bl.
The New School-West Preschool** – 12731 Venice Bl.
Peter Scherrer – Mousetrap Studios – 3791 Wade St.

Veganics Catering – 12809 Venice Bl.
The Moving Joint – 12813 Venice Bl.
Hurry Curry – 12825 Venice Bl.
Westside Center for Independent Living – 12901 Venice Bl.
The “Do Good Bus”
Trunk Gallery – 12818 Venice Bl. Buckwild Gallery Art & Supplies – 12804 Venice Bl.

More about the Mar Vista Art Walk:

On December 3, 2015, from 6 pm to 9 pm, Mar Vista had its smash hit inaugural art walk. Our first art walk was selected as a participant in the VisionLA 2015 Climate Action Arts Festival, held in conjunction with the Paris talks on Climate Change in December 2015. More than 500 people came to the celebration of local arts on the one-mile stretch of Venice Boulevard between Inglewood Boulevard and Beethoven Street. Designated as one of Mayor Garcetti’s “Great Streets” of Los Angeles, the nine-block strip celebrates all the arts – visual, musical, spoken and movement – as well as its history as one of Los Angeles’ oldest artist colonies.

Mar Vista Art Walk is a joint effort of Green Communications Initiative (GCI) and the local arts community — its galleries, studios, artists and musicians — with enthusiastic support of CD-11 councilmember Mike Bonin and the Mar Vista Community Council.
The Mar Vista ArtWalk is made possible in part by grants from the City Of Los Angeles, Department Of Cultural Affairs, Sony Pictures Entertainment, The M & R Vest Foundation, and the Mar Vista Community Council, and with the support of Community Partners, and sponsors Michelle Pine Rappoport – KW Realty, and Gravlax Restaurant.


When Sara  Davenport isn’t working as a nurse practitioner, she ‘s most likely working at her own upscale medical spa that has been in business for almost 9 years. 9 Years of building a sustainable business all through word of mouth and no marketing whatsoever!

When I heard that, it made me so happy to be reminded that building a successful business really comes down to just two things: Providing exceptional services and developing relationships.

Behind a wall of ivy, in a contemporary building is Broadway Skin Studio– a spa that specializes in cosmetic treatments that includes laser hair and vein removal, scar and wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, and skin tightening.

To find out more, please visit the site here. 

Broadway Skin Studio
13105 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066



Crimson Holdings , a Los Angeles real estate firm, is planning two separate residential developments in Mar Vista.



12444 West Venice Boulevard
will be a 77-unit building with 2,100 square feet of retail space,Currently, a two-story retail and commercial center is currently occupying the site, and will have to be demolished  in order to rebuild the 77- unit building. Crimson purchased the center as part of a 16,420-square-foot retail strip for $1.2 million in May, according to CoStar.

12575 West Venice Boulevard
will be the demolition of an existing commercial building, in order to reconstruct the 36,472-square-foot, 52-unit multifamily residential building. Five of the apartments would reserved for “very low income” households.

Crimson specializes in acquiring “multifamily assets in lower-risk markets,” , and pursues redevelopment opportunities in “geographically constrained” areas.

And Mar Vista definetly fits this description. The Mar Vista neighborhood continues to thrive with more Mom and Pop shops opening up on Venice Blvd. It is one of the most expensive L.A. markets for renters right now, with the monthly median rent of $2,950, according to a CoStar analysis. For the greater L.A. area, it’s about $1,800.

A lot of the increase of new shops in the area is due to the high commercial rents on Abbott Kinney.
A lot of stores have told us that they are being priced out of Venice and Mar Vista is a great option, because the neighborhood has the same demographic, and it’s only a mile away from their old location for half of the price.

Back to 12444 Venice Blvd,  Councilman Mike Bonin is disappointed that the Planning Department did not side with the community and require the project’s height to be reduced. As he said that ,”while he supports more housing, especially on transit corridors, he is opposed to the 12444 Venice Boulevard proposal . It is important to note that State law limits how much discretionary ability local governments have in evaluating projects like this. In order to encourage more housing, the State has given developers the ability — under certain circumstances — to get exemptions from City rules regarding height, density, and parking. The developer here has applied for a project that takes advantage of these State rules. “Nevertheless, the Councilmember believes the project is too tall for the proposed location, given that project could end up being the tallest building on Venice Boulevard from downtown to the ocean. He is also concerned that the applicant has not been more responsive to the issues that have been raised by the community.

Mar Vistians agree. We love Mar Vista’s “Gilmore Girls” small-town community, and are fearful of all buildings monopolizing the neighborhood.

“99.9% of the people that spoke at the hearing did not want this. The Councilmember stated he does not want this, but when Planners that will not be effected at all decide that the dollars made off permit fees and taxes build up there Planning Department Coffers, this is what you get. This process needs to change, it “Rigged” in favor of developers so that the City gets paid. This is the start of what will be massive development in Venice Blvd. Benefiting City Coffers and developers pockets. As neighbors and Neighborhood Associations we need to band together financially and file a Law Suite against the City for what will surely effect our quality of life with this one of many very bad discussions they make daily.”
Steve Wallace, a Mar Vista Resident

We’d love to hear from you! Please leave your comments below!


Since it’s opening in July of 2013, Vintage on Venice  continues to thrive. Their eclectic selection is one of the many features that gets this vintage store to really stand out.

vintage3Each item is carefully selected to enhance the other mid-century products, with hard-to-find antiques, and vibrant fabrics. The best part is that all of these items are incredibly affordable, so if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, you now have a place to go! 



Vintage on Venice 
12218 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

    Coworking spaces are no longer a trend. It’s a movement.

    As of May 2015, 15.5 million people in the U.S. were self-employed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics—an increase of roughly 1 million since May 2014.

    According to that number is expected to increase at a steady incline.A separate study indicates that by 2020, more than 40% of the American workforce (60 million people) will be independent workers—freelancers, contractors, and temporary employees.

    More and more professionals like attorneys, accountants, and consultants are choosing to work independently.

    Why? Because they can.

    The dream of the laptop lifestyle  has come to fruition.
    People are discovering that most work can be done virtually online.

    In the past two years, The Coworking Space Movement has exploded in Los Angeles

    screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-3-10-15-pmOn the Westside alone, Weworks has opened up offices in Culver City, Play del Ray, Santa Monica, leaving several mom-and-pop coworking spaces like Coloft, Nextspace in Venice, and  Hatch, to close. So how do the other small coworking spaces stay afloat?

    They either have a different market, a different location or offer something that other coworking spaces don’t.

    Camp at The Ranch in Mar Vista provides all three of these.

    Camp is a coworking space on 12240 Venice Boulevard. Their name doesn’t lie. Their offices are very much like ” A Camp at The Ranch,” a cozy 800 foot space decorated with faux logs of wood and camp memorabilia. The space can probably hold about 8 people comfortably, so unlike Weworks, it provides an intimate location where you get to really know your coworkers.

    Location: Since it’s crucially important to have a coworking space that is centrally located, this convenience, the location couldn’t be better. It ‘s located on the main drag of Mar Vista’s shops and restaurants on Venice blvd between Centinela and Grandview.

    screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-3-00-10-pmPrice: Considering the average rate for monthly coworking spaces in LA, The Camp’s Rate are below average. Their monthly is $250 and conference room rental is only $25.

    To find out more about Camp at The Ranch you can contact them at:

    Phone: 310 272 9990
    Email: CAMP@theranch.io
    website: http://camp.theranch.io
    Locatation: 12240 Venice Boulevard, Suite 1, Los Angeles CA 90066


    Little Fatty elevates Mar Vista even further

    The nebulous, unformed Culver City West/Mar Vista/Palms section of Los Angeles has really been booming as of late, with a slew of new and relatively recent additions to the formerly quality-starved stretch.

    Case in point: Little Fatty, which officially opens today. Formerly Status Kuo, a (mostly) rotisserie option that never quite found its footing, the Mar Vista location just off Venice Boulevard has been reimagined as an awesome sub-$15 Taiwanese takeaway spot, complete with those ubiquitous white boxes you get from every Chinese restaurant in America.

    Except, well, you won’t actually want to take your food to go (though that, along with delivery, will be totally available too), since the attached bar Accomplice is up and running too. Why not pour in with some friends to snack on kung pao chicken or the handmade dumpling of the day, then sneak through the small corridor between the two spaces for a nightcap?

    Not that you still needed a reason to get out of your house if you live in Palms or Mar Vista or anywhere nearby. Roy Choi is back to his old ways in the ‘hood with the arrival of Kogi Taqueria, and poke newcomer TikiFish has the fast casual healthy daytime segment covered. Heck, just in the past few days newcomer Canela Cocina has come to light, while details on the soon-to-come Mar Vista restaurant and music venue have been announced. It’s a good time, for once, to be eating in Mar Vista.

    Them Super Amazing boys

    There’s a new Super Amazing Restaurant Show out now, following a short travel hiatus from the team of Arjun and Nakul Mahendro, plus Alvin Cailan. This one comes live from StarChefs in New York City, and marks episode 9 in what has become one of the most talked-about podcasts within the restaurant community. Get ready for some serious sneaker talk.

    Chinese bone broth restaurants are here

    Who here has been to Broth, a steamy Chinese/Taiwanese newcomer in Walnut specializing in all things chicken broth? The place has been open since summer apparently but is picking up fans (and currently sports a 4.5 rating on Yelp), with folks at Food Talk Central finally giving it a proper write up.

    Pot goes native

    There’s a so-called “native feast” coming to Pot in Koreatown next week, with plans serve up everything from fry bread to a lamb shank with a side of kimchi. It’s an eclectic menu, and should make for a fun day on Thursday, November 24.screenshot_2

    Announcing the LIGHT-themed One-Year Anniversary of the Mar Vista ArtWalk on December 1st, 2016 from 6pm–10pm. This FREE, one-night-only event, which happens four times a year, has grown into an all-inclusive celebration of art, local business, performance, music and food. The December ArtWalk

    (its fifth art walk) will delight spectators and participants with seasonally appropriate holiday art. The purpose of the Walk is to encourage community members to explore their sidewalks—specifically the one mile stretch down Venice Boulevard between Inglewood Boulevard and Beethoven Street— one of Los Angeles’ “Great Streets”.

    The Mar Vista ArtWalk is a joint effort of local environmental nonprofit Green Communications Initiative (GCI) and the community of local artists curated by Mitchelito Orquiola, with the enthusiastic support of CD-11 councilmember Mike Bonin and the Mar Vista Neighborhood Council.

    What you will see:
    *NEW—Holiday Light Contest—Local businesses will compete for the best holiday light display.

    *NEW—the Art Mart—a brand new venue showcasing local artisans, craftspersons & designers. This is a great place to buy unique gifts for the holidays!

    *“dark & LIGHT,“ poetry readings with Jack Adam Weber at Full Circle Pottery. (http://www.full-circlepottery.com/)

    *Festive Lights & Holiday Video Art Projections at Veganics (http://www.veganicscatering.com/)

    *One Man Exhibition—Mike Temple, oil painter at Trunk Gallery (http://www.trunkgallery.org/).

    * Eddie Aparecio, painter at Buckwild Gallery (http://www.eddieaparicio.com/).

    *Out of the Shadows—bridging relationships among the marginalized citizens of Mar Vista at New School-West. Utilizing light, shadow and images of community. (http://www.newschoolwest.com/)

    *Live indie bands, including Westerner, The Jelly, Boyfriend Material, Break-up Hospital, Johns Landing, and Runson Willis III.

    *FIRE Dancers at the Grand View Fine Arts Studios After-Party!

    * Spoken word by emerging artists and volunteers at 826 LA. (http://826la.org/)

    Also a capella carolers, film/video installations, food trucks, live painting & other live performance.

    Already Coined, "Progressive Los Angeles Cuisine."

    What’s New and exciting on Venice Blvd…

    The Mar Vista

    The Mar Vista is created by  Jill Davie, former chef at Josie, and D. Brandon Walker, a  chef at Bread and Rose Cafe, a philanthropic restaurant that serves over 750 homeless people weekly and a Program Manager and instructor of the Culinary Training Program,  Not even open yet, and already the restaurant has been called, “Progressive Los Angeles Cuisine.” In other words, multicultural culinary influences.

     The Mar Vista team knew that they had their work cut out for them when they had  undergone a former divey music venue. But aftercouple of months of intense work, the The Mar Vista is beginning to see the light- literaly. There will be an indoor-outdoor space, communal tables, booths, and lots of open space. And live music!

    We’re looking forward to the opening expected to happen next month.

    The Mar Vista
    12249 Venice Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA

    Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

    Have you ever wondered how Tattoo Parlors get their ink?

    Apparently it’s not from the UPS man.

    Neither have I until I saw the exciting transaction take place outside of the S.T. Tattoo Studio
    off of Venice Blvd and Boise Ave.

    Here ‘s how it plays out:

    1.  A van shows up outside of the parlor.

    2. An employee of the parlor runs out of the parlor and greets the driver.

    3. The driver then opens up the side door of the van.

    Ok, now this is where it gets good:

    When he slides opens the car door, there are shelves of ink bottles everywhere!


    Christmas inside a van!


    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset
    Processed with VSCO with a4 preset









    Then the tattoo parlor employee picks out the colors, signs and invoice and voila!

    The driver slides the door shut and zooms off to his next tattoo parlor.

    And that is how tattoo ink gets transported to tattoo parlors.