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Mar Vistians have waited patiently for this high end micro roaster to open and the day has finally come! Finally get behind the velvet ropes on May 20th, 2017, 9-1 pm . No more, peeping in the window, and smelling those tantalizing coffee beans.

Experience it for yourself on May 20th, 9am-1pm at the grand opening!

More about the  Alana roasters:

Eric Stogsdill and Erin Ward. Eric has been involved in the specialty coffee industry for over 10 years. He honed his roasting skills and thoughtful bean sourcing over years working in farmers markets around Los Angeles.

They roast in house, almost daily and only roast beans that are in season.  They also make our their own syrups, keep our powders simple and low on sugar and have sought out the best milk and milk alternatives to compliment our coffee and espresso. Sooo… You better watch it,  Intelligentsia. Looks like you’ve got some stiff competition.


Already Coined, "Progressive Los Angeles Cuisine."

What’s New and exciting on Venice Blvd…

The Mar Vista

The Mar Vista is created by  Jill Davie, former chef at Josie, and D. Brandon Walker, a  chef at Bread and Rose Cafe, a philanthropic restaurant that serves over 750 homeless people weekly and a Program Manager and instructor of the Culinary Training Program,  Not even open yet, and already the restaurant has been called, “Progressive Los Angeles Cuisine.” In other words, multicultural culinary influences.

 The Mar Vista team knew that they had their work cut out for them when they had  undergone a former divey music venue. But aftercouple of months of intense work, the The Mar Vista is beginning to see the light- literaly. There will be an indoor-outdoor space, communal tables, booths, and lots of open space. And live music!

We’re looking forward to the opening expected to happen next month.

The Mar Vista
12249 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA